Fitness 2013

New Years is all about resolutions! Most people make the resolution to go to the gym and lose weight. The only problem is that most people go for a few days and then get over it. This post is to help motivate you to keep up a healthy lifestyle all year round. Remember, its important to get about an hours worth of exercise a day. Whether its walking around a park, hitting the gym, or taking a dance class. If you find yourself bored with the same old gym routine I have some recommendations for you.

I have found a lot of wonderful classes and programs that have kept me active all year round and I hope they can help you too.


I’m a dancer so naturally I like to take ballet classes. They are a great way to really tone your body and sculpt lean and beautiful legs. I like ballet because it doesn’t cause me to bulk up. It promotes great posture, abdominal strength and poise. You are never too old to start ballet or dance. In an adult class , there are beginners of all ages. There isn’t any competitive gossip which is a nice plus. They are all there for the same purpose. You can find an adult ballet class at most local dance studios or recreational centers. 

Cardio Barre

If you enjoy a good sweat and not being able to walk out of the class – this is for you. Haha- I kid about not being able to walk. However, these classes are packed with intense leg and abdominal exercises that can leave you pretty sore.  Cardio Barre takes basics from ballet and turns them into upbeat and fast paced moves. Cardio Barre classes and studios have been popping up all over the place lately. Check one out at a local studio or recreational facility.

Hot Hula

Enter a warm room full of ladies and gents ready to get their dance on. Hot Hula takes its moves from traditional Hula dance and adds cardio exercises. Torch a ton of calories in just an hour and leave the studio completely drenched. This is one of my favorites!

These classes run for around $45.00- $50.00 a month. Some places have unlimited programs where you pay a certain amount ( usually a discounted price) and you can take an unlimited amount of classes a week. Rec Centers usually have an 8 or 12 week class series . Around me ( So Cal ) they usually run for about $75 per series.

Dance themed classes not your thing?? Try these out.


Nothing makes me feel better than attending a kickboxing class. In the period of one hour, you can burn between 800-1000 calories. The classes are usually high paced and a ton of fun. You can check one out at a mixed martial arts gym or at a boxing gym. Plus – who doesn’t love pink boxing gloves?

Pilates and Pilates reformer 

Pilates is a great way to increase strength in all parts of the body. Pilates is conditioning for the body. It promotes flexibility , endurance and muscle strength. Pilates can be done on a mat or on an apparatus called a reformer. The reformer uses resistance to complete exercises. Pilates moves are difficult. You may only be able to perform one move 4 or 5 times during your first few classes. They are hard and you can really feel the work out. Well worth it! Pilates are available at select dance studios, Yoga studios and some have their own studios . Classes are available at recreational centers as well.


Many benefits come from practicing yoga. Yoga is an ancient art form that promotes a healthy body, a peaceful state of mind and flexibility. There are different types of yoga. My favorite is vinyasa. Its a constant flow of different movements . I feel so at peace after these classes. You get a great work out too.

Yoga, Pilates, and Kickboxing classes vary in price depending on where you take them. Most yoga studios offer discount prices to students. These classes can get pricey and if you’re on a budget, I’d suggest finding a class at a recreational center. They usually are the cheapest. Don’t worry though, the teachers are well trained so you wont be wasting money. Many of these classes are offered at 24 hour fitness and other gyms. Many classes are discounted or free with membership. On your way out of the gym next time, grab a class schedule.

Does being in a gym or class setting make you nervous? Like to work out at home? Try these!


I LOVE TurboFire. It is a high intensity kickboxing program created by Chalene Johnson. It’s a 90 day program that comes with resistance bands, a band for stretching, a meal guide, a work out schedule and a measuring tape to track your progress. The great thing about the TurboFire program is HIIT. HIIT or High intensity interval training, is a combination of intense movements that last for 60 seconds. There is a one minute recovery time and then the same combination is repeated. HIIT classes burn up to 600 calories in a 15 minute session. That is of course if you give it 100%. Its awesome to see how much improvement is made physically as you work your way through the classes. HIIT classes are only a few times a week. Other days are HIIT with cardio, strength training, abdominal training and one day of Yoga and stretching. Plus you get a day off. It’s so fun and the music is awesome. Chalene is so upbeat and positive – she makes you feel like you can’t fail. You’ll soon get addicted. It’s great for those who are busy and don’t have time to make it to the gym. 

TurboFire is two payments of $40.00. Let me tell you, I’ve been using it for a year and a half now and I love it – it really works! 

P90X and P90X-2

This program is how I was first introduced to a healthier lifestyle. I learned how to eat to fuel my body and how to sustain intense workouts with out feeling run down after. I was introduced to recovery drinks (which work btw) and of course, intense workouts that have real results. If you don’t fancy a program like TurboFire and would like to really build muscle, stamina and strength, P90X is a great program to try. Tony Horton, the creator of P90X , takes you through, cardio, plyo’s, strength training, yoga, kenpo and stretching. The program comes with great results – but I warn you, Tony can get a little interesting with his comments and after a while they get a little unappealing to the ears, haha. P90X is also a 90 day program . It comes with all 12 DVD’s, a meal guide and a workout schedule.

The prices for P90X and P90X-2 vary because you can add or subtract extras from the program. The basic price for P90X and P90X-2 is around $120.00 which can be made in 3 payments. From there the price goes up if you’d like to add extras. This is a great work out for both men and women.


This program is a tough cookie. It is only 60 days long and is chock full of insane work outs that make you sweat puddles ! No lie, they show it in the commercials! I personally have not tried this particular work out , but my trainer is currently using it. From what I can see she loves it and she looks amazing!! (well she is a PT haha) 

Insanity cost $120.00 which can be made in 3 payments.

TurboFire, P90X, P90X-2 and Insanity are all available on . You can also find a huge network of people all geared towards having a beach body. It’s a great way to stay motivated towards your fitness goals.

Fuel that body!

Naturally, when you workout hard, you have to refuel. I highly recommend a diet rich in protein with lots of fruits and vegetables. Make sure to hydrate with water during your exercises and make sure to get you 64 oz. of water in everyday. Yes that is in addition to the water you drank while working out ;).  It’s always a great idea to add supplements because we don’t always get all the required nutrition that we need. Check out Whole Foods, Sprouts, Mothers Market or Trader Joe’s for great variety of supplements. Usually the staff can help you chose something right for you. It isn’t a bad idea to set up an appointment with your Doctors to see what supplements you need. They always know best. I started drinking Shakeology which is available on . I no longer have to take multivitamins because the shake has it all. They are yummy too! – I will have to do a post on nutrition and fitness ! There is a lot to say. Please remember to refuel – especially if you are working hard. Your body will get so run down if you’re withholding food. Be smart about losing weight. The results will come. Starving is never the answer. Remember! You must eat clean to get lean . No soda, frappuccino’s or fast food!

It took me a few years to learn how to eat clean, to build healthy habits and begin to attain my goals. I suffered with anorexia for 9 years and have finally been able to live a healthy lifestyle. It takes time and effort  but if you’re willing to make the change, you will get to where you want to be! 

I truly hope this gave you some options to try to keep your fitness and health goals (broken record over here!) for the new year! Keep in mind, your goals are attainable and you can do it! I believe in you!! Good luck 🙂


Feel free to ask any questions or request blog posts. While I’m no expert and have just learned from experience, I’m more than happy to give you insight and help you on your path 🙂